Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Madness Continues....

You might very well can see that I now have found several fragrance houses that I love.  To mention, Serge Lutens, Guerlain and Amouage. Though some of my favorite scents do come from different brands.  I love Tuscan Leather, Patchouli 24, L'air du Desert Marocain, Black Aoud, Musc Ravageur.....and yes, there is a bottle of 180 Ans de Creations by Guerlain in there. =)


  1. A beautiful photo- I am fantasizing having a collection like that! (I tried to enlarge it so I could read all the labels but no luck) However, it appears that your bottle of Mitsouko is dangerously empty! : )

    1. Hi Nita. I do have a better quality of this photo. Let me know if you want. The one in front on the right of the mini Montale is also a Mitsouko. =)